Who needs a bicycle fitting?

Every cyclist has unique biomechanics, therefore there are no generalizations that apply when fitting a rider to a bike. Purchasing a new bike can be both a fun and exciting experience, but riding a bike that's not properly fit can cause frustration, pain, or even injury. We can help remedy this by offering a state of the art bicycle fit using our Retül fitting system.

Alchemy Fitting Services:

Custom Builds | Existing Set-ups

Retül Fit uses a cycling-specific 3D motion capture system that reads a rider's movements while he or she is pedaling on the bike and records all three planes of movement (3D). Retül's dynamic fit tools allow a bike fitter to make fast and easy adjustments to a rider's position using objective and highly accurate info to increase performance...300*

Basic Fit focuses on three major adjustments: seat post height, saddle fore/aft, and handlebar stem angle/length. Using standard angles and metrics, the rider is tailored to a comfortable position that reduces pain and prevents injuries... $100